Sunset Women’s Club


Mission Statement

Welcome to Bluff Creek Sunset Women’s Club! The mission of Bluff Creek Sunset Women’s Club is to create a fun golfing environment for all members by facilitating competitive golfing events that provide all players with an opportunity to win prizes and socialize with other members.

General Information

The Bluff Creek Sunset Women’s Club plays each Wednesday and is more of a Ladies Day than a League. Players are not obligated to play each week. If you cannot play one week, there is no loss and those players playing each week, Great! The 2024 Sunset Women’s Club will be 15 weeks starting on May 15th and run until Aug. 21st. On Sunset Women’s Club, Wednesdays, Sunset Women’s Club members will play a 9 hole golf event. Each week we will have a different format and an opportunity to win prizes. Tee times will be between 3:00 pm and 6:12 pm(every 9 Min). Players are responsible for scheduling their own tee times. There will be a contest each week for an opportunity to win prizes.


Any female 18 & older may join the Bluff Creek Women’s Sunset club.

World Handicap System

NEW THIS YEAR! All players will get a USGA World Handicap System handicap. This is the official handicap for the USGA. The handicap will be included with your league dues. All events will be flighted according to the World Handicap System. Our goal is to have as many winners as possible. It does not matter if you are an established player or have been playing for only a few years, you will still have an equal opportunity to win prizes.

Tee Times

Tee times will be off #1 or #10 from 3:00 pm to 6:10 pm each week. All tee times will be made online through our online tee time reservation system unless you have a standing tee time. Players will alternate nines each week.

Standing Tee Times

Players will have an opportunity to have a standing tee time each week. Players that played in 2023 will have priority to pick their time. You may also choose to play with a different group each week. Those doing this will have to make their tee time online each week.

  • Note: Bluff Creek reserves the right to pair singles with standing tee time groups if they do not fill their tee time.

Format – Weekly Game

Each week the Sunset Women’s Club will feature an exciting format and an opportunity for players to win prizes. Each event will be flighted by handicap so everyone will have a chance to win.

Himalaya Putting Green

Each week we will have a contest on the Himalaya putting green. There will be no charge to play the Himalaya and part of the prize fund will go towards prizes on the Himalaya.


Players will pay the appropriate green fee and cart fee each week to play. You must be a Sunset Women’s Club member to play on Ladies Day.

  • Green Fees: $32.00 per person
  • Cart Fees(Optional): $12.00 per person for a shared cart

Bluff Creek Sunset Women’s Club Dues

The yearly dues of $150 per person and includes:

  • 2024 USGA Handicap
  • Prize fund
  • 10% off pro shop merchandise
  • Opening and year end social
  • Eligible to compete in the Bluff Creek Women’s Club Championship


If you have any questions about this year’s Sunset Women’s Club please contact Jason Sudenga,
PGA Head Golf Professional at Bluff Creek. Click here to email Jason