Bluff Creek Clubs

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Mission Statement

Welcome to Bluff Creek Clubs! The mission of Bluff Creek Clubs is to create a fun golfing environment for all members by facilitating competitive golfing events that provide all players with an opportunity to win prizes and socialize with other members.

General Information

The Bluff Creek Clubs is more of a Senior Men’s Day than a League. Players are not obligated to play each week, but all players must be a member of the Bluff Creek Clubs to participate. If you cannot play one week, there is no loss and those players playing each week, Great! The 2024 Senior Men’s Day will be 17 weeks starting on May 7th and run until Aug. 27th. The Bluff Creek Clubs members will play an 18 hole golf event each week with a different format and have an opportunity to win prizes. Tee times will be between 7:30 am and 11:30 am. Players will have the option to have a standing tee time each week.


Any male 60 & older may join the Bluff Creek Clubs.

World Handicap System

All events will be flighted according to the World Handicap System. Our goal is to have as many winners as possible. It does not matter if you are an established player or have been playing for only a few years, you will still have an equal opportunity to win prizes.

Tee Times

Tee times will be from 7:30 am to 11:30 am each week. During sign up, players will have the opportunity to get a standing tee time. Players playing in 2023 will have priority for selecting their tee time.

  • Note: Bluff Creek reserves the right to pair singles with standing tee time groups and adjust tee times as needed due to golf course availability.

Weekly Format

Each week we will feature a format and an opportunity for players to win prizes. Each event will be flighted based on handicap so everyone will have a chance to win.

  • Weekly Game: Each week a portion of your Senior Club Dues will go towards the pot for that week. Players will be flighted based on their handicap. If there is a gross and net game, players will only win in the flight they win the most money(no double dipping).

  • Skins: Each week there will be an OPTIONAL cash skins game that will cost $5 per person. The skins will be paid out in cash and can be picked up the following week of the game. Most weeks the skins game will be flighted gross skins, however, we may have net skins as well based on the weekly game.

  • Himalaya Putting Green: Each week part of your dues will go towards the optional contest on the Himalaya putting green. There will be no charge to play the Himalaya and we will have payouts each week.


All players will have to pay the appropriate green fee and cart fee, if riding, each week. You must be a Bluff Creek Clubs member to play.

  • Green Fees: $36.00 per person
  • Cart Fees: $12.00 – per person for a shared cart

Bluff Creek Club Dues

The yearly dues of $175 per person and includes:

Opening Day social
Prize fund
2024 USGA Handicap – World Golf System
Year end lunch
Eligible to compete in the Bluff Creek Club Championship


If you have any questions about this year’s Bluff Creek Club please contact Jason Sudenga, PGA Head Golf Professional at Bluff Creek. Click here to email Jason