JUNIOR SEASON PASS We are pleased to offer a season golf package for boy and girls from 5-18 (recent HS Grads OK)  Junior Season Pass holders must be familiar with rules and etiquette of golf and be able to play without delay.  

The junior pass will be honored under the following conditions:

Weekdays- before 9:00AM and after 1:00PM – or anytime  weekdays with a participating adult

Weekends after 1:00PM

Season Pass Fee of  $350

RANGE KEY CLUB – New in 2020!

We are pleased to announce a new frequent range use program for 2020. We call it the RANGE KEY CLUB. 

How it works- Golfers that purchase a minimum of $100 value will receive a key fob that they will be able to use to get range balls. Owners can get any size bucket they need – and there is NO DAILY LIMIT! You can share the key you can add value whenever you wish and no need to go to clubhouse for tokens – the range machine does all the work! Plus- when you purchase a minimum of $100 we will add value to your key. There is a $10 deposit for the key at time of purchase.

Range Key Club Promotions

    • Purchase $100 value of range and get a $20 bonus added .  $10 Key deposit added

    • Purchase $200 value of range and get a $50 bonus added.  $10 key deposit added.

    • Purchase $300 value of range and get a $100 bonus added – BEST VALUE

Corporate (Pre -Paid Passes) 

Available for anyone – share, transfer, gift, donations – It’s up to you!! Your Saving $$$$$


  • Valid Weekdays (not including leagues, outside events or tournaments)
  • Weekends after 11:00 (not including leagues, outside events or tournaments)
  • Owners may only use 8 passes per day. 
  • Owners may purchase a shared riding cart for $12.50 at time of check in- per pass being used 
  • Once owner purchase 60 rounds- they may purchase additional rounds in bundles of 20 at the $32.25 per round rate ($645 per bundle)

 Bundles        Rack Rate        (disc)        Selling Price        Price per round  w/cart

  • 20 Passes =    $860              (15%)             $731                   $36.55            $49.05
  • 40 Passes =    $1720           (20%)         $1376                    $34.40            $46.65
  • 60 Passes =    $2580           (25%)         $1935                    $32.25            $44.75

To pay for Corporate Passes online click HERE

 Bluff Creek is not responsible for lost, stolen or any unused cards 

Cards expire at the close of the season – no refund for unused passes