Bluff Creek is a great place to get your golf on! We offer leagues and clubs for anyone. Whether you are seeking a championship or just a day to get out and play – we have it.

Get your group together and we will assist in setting up your own league that fits your schedule. Give Barrett a call to help you along with the process or if you have any questions 952.445.5685 or email at                                        bboe11@bluffcreek.com Bluff Leagues and Clubs will begin registration on Jan 16th!!

 We offer…

  • Men’s League on Mondays
  • Senior Men’s League on Tuesdays
  • Corporate Leagues
  • Sunset Women’s Club on Mondays
  • Ladies Social League
  • Couples League TBD
  • Junior Playing Leagues
2019 Monday Men's League -Registration is now open


When: Monday Evenings

Time: 5:30 Shotgun Start

Begins: April 22nd – 16 weeks of play (player meeting 5:00 on April 22 rain or shine)

Format/Games: 2 Player Teams will compete vs league Teams in a variety of weekly games.  

Pre- Registration – 2018 Players have priority before Feb 28, 2019. For Pre registration at least one team member must have participated in 2018 play. First 28 paid teams will entered into league. Remaining players/teams will be entered based on time of entry.                                           

To view the application, schedule and league guidelines click HERE.


Returning Player? Yes or No
Preferred Playing Partner

For more information call the proshop at 952.445.5685.

2019 Corporate / Group Leagues

Click HERE for more information and to print out the 2019 application/contract/

General Information: Corporate League at Bluff Creek has been a long standing tradition and we look forward to it every season!  If you join our corporate league, you will be guaranteed 18 weeks of play, and with that come specially priced greens fees and cart fees, along with other discounts and give-aways.  League falls on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday nights beginning in April, with tee times from 3:40 to 6:00 p.m.  This league is based on 9-hole play for 18 weeks.  Each week you will have the opportunity to incorporate a golf game or proximity event.  We will again have reduced rates on riding carts during league play, and as always riding carts are optional.  We will again be offering a 9- Ride punch card option in 2019 during league. Leagues can be anywhere from 4 players to 40 players or more.   While this league is generally designed for businesses, if you have a group of friends that wants to get together every week, we will still make you feel at home. For 2019, any group having 16 players or more guaranteed, can play for free as many holes as they can after the league round is over.  This is only valid on the night the league plays.  Tee times will not be reserved, and rounds will be allowed on a walk on basis, so we cannot guarantee availability. 




2019 League Fees:


Item Description Cost
Greens Fee Cost per player / per week less any discount for paying in full up front. $25.50
Carts (optional) Riding carts are to be paid for on the day of the league. Please have receipt ready to show starter before teeing off. Cart rentals are not included in the initial deposit or full payment options. Per rider rate. $7.75
9 Hole Warm Up Round With Pre arranged tee times, you may play 9 holes before your league round – we will do our best to send you off opposite side of play – no guarantees. $13.75GF
Warm up Bucket Small warm up bucket- Approximately 20 balls $4.50
Pre paid Cart Punch Card 9 Pre paid 9 Hole 1/2 Cart discount for league play (save $9.00)





Returning Leagues – Leagues that participated in 2018 have first priority for tee times .  A first weeks deposit is required to guarantee past tee times. The deposit must accompany this agreement. Deposits may be made by check, over the phone or online.  NEW LEAGUES wishing to play at Bluff Creek Golf please contact Debra  for availability of days and times.  Debra can be reached at 610-295-7463 or Debra@bluffcreek.com Deposits may be made over the phone, by U.S. Mail, or scheduled drop offs.  Online payments can be made with advanced notice to Debra.


2019 Women's Golf League -Registration Now Open

For more information or to print out the registration form, click HERE.

To register online, fill out the form below and click Add to Cart to pay by PayPal

When: Monday Evenings

Time: Tee Times begin at 4:00 -5:30

Begins: April 29th for 16 weeks of play

Format/Games: Players will  compete in a variety of  games declared before the season begins.

  •  A few pre registration team games will be posted during the season. Please see schedule 
  • Season Long Ringer Board         
  • Weekly games                                                       

 Earn $30!!! Refer a friend to join the league and we will give you $30 in credit.  Click HERE to fill out the referral form, and once you and the referral pay and register for the league, we will give you $30 in credit!  Its simple and easy.

Entry Fee: $85.00  (includes first week green fees and season prize fund) 

Cart Fee: Optional weekly cart fee $6.71 – or get a punch card and save $$$$

Twobeans         We will host an optional $2 Cash Game.  Monies will be collected prior to play each week and the game announced

Each week players will pre pay for the following week of play at a discounted league green fee. BCGC will cancel play only if weather is deemed dangerous for play. You may register for the same tee time each week. BCGC will pair up players if desired by players.


Preferred Playing Partners
Best tee time for your group?


Common Questions:

  • Handicaps: We will use the League Manager Program to create and handicap the league. USGA handicaps are NOT required. All players will be given handicaps based off the league formula (of 4 scores – drop low, drop high, average middle 2) League players DO have the opportunity to purchase a USGA handicap form Bluff Creek at our member rate of $3100 (including tax).
  • Rainouts: We will play 15 weeks. If we are unable to play for a condition out of our control, the league will be extended for two extra weeks (if there are more than 2 rainouts, we will give members rain checks.)
  • Payment: League fees of $85.00 are due in full before the start of the league. Your first day, except for carts, will be prepaid by your league registration. When you arrive on the first day, you will check in and pre-pay for the following week. If you cancel your time before the 5 day deadline, your prepaid fee will then be applied to the following week. If you do not show and did not cancel your tee time 5 days or more before your league, you will forfeit that greens fee.
  • Payout/Prizes: The prize fund will be paid 100% to the players.
  • Driving Range: Members will receive a special league pricing for a warm up bucket on league nights. Members can purchase a warm up bucket (one token) for $4.50. We hope you join us this season for a fun, yet competitive golf league. The formats hopefully add a good mixture of excitement and variety, as well as introduce you to some fellow golfers. If you have any questions, please contact: Barrett Boe (Clubhouse Manager)
  • Schedule: Every Monday evening from April 29th to August 12 th, excluding May 28th (Memorial Day) and July st  (independence Day Week …plus any extended play due to rain outs. Click HERE to view the League information and for more information please contact Barrett Boe at 952.445.5685 or email at bboe11@bluffcreek.com


2019 Bluff Men's Senior League (Ages 60 and up) - registration now open

Welcome to the 2019 Men’s Senior 18 Hole League

Click HERE for more information, or to print the registration form.

(Ages 60+)

When: Tuesday Mornings

Time: Tee Times start at 8:30-10:00

Begins: May 1st – Aug 22nd 16 weeks of play

Format/Games: Individual weekly games and some team games

*new* Handicap:            Included in league fee is a USGA GHIN Handicap.  We will use the USGA Golf Genius League Program. This allows  multiple games to be played each week and allows players to track scoring, see the schedule/tee times and view results all online at your convenience.  

Fee Breakdown:

  • $30 GHIN* 
  • $27.25 First week green fee 
  • $60 Prize Fund 
  • $117.25 Total Due to register  *reduce $30 if you have a current GHIN – please email GHIN # to Barrett at bboe11@bluffcreek.com 

 Weekly Fees:

Green Fee $27.25

Optional weekly cart fee $7.75/shared cart

Optional Cash Game 

After the league is completed, we will continue to honor the league discount on Tuesday mornings.


Preferred Playing Partner(s)
Preferred Tee Time-Approximate


If you have an ACTIVE GHIN card – CLICK HERE to pay $87.25 (Prize Fund, Green Fee)

2019 Women's Social League

9 Hole Play on Tuesdays, June – September

Tee times starting at 2:00 pm

Come join us for a fun, non-competitive social golf league just for women. Join as an individual, a pair or a foursome. This is a perfect “first time” league, a great way to meet other women golfers and an excuse to play weekly during the golf season. The best part, you only pay when you can play. It is a great deal, encouraging women to come play in the afternoon, $18.00 walking and $22.75 riding per person for 9 hole play.  RSVP to Debra, Debra@bluffcreek.com by the Sunday prior and tee times will be sent out on Monday.  She will pair you with others or those you choose to play with.  Very informal, very fun and very social!  Please e-mail or call Debra with any questions or to sign up, Debra@bluffcreek.com or 610-295-7463 (cell)

2019 Junior League

Click HERE for more information or to print out the registration form

When: Wednesday Afternoons 9 Holes

Time: Tee times approx 1:30-2:30

Begins: June 19- 8 weeks of play

Format/Games: The junior league will be similar to our adult leagues. Weekly games will be

posted for play and winners will be declared after each week. Players will be

divided by gender and age. Handicaps will be used to make scoring fair.


  •            Boys 8-12   (red/white tees)
  •             Boys 13-17 (white/blue tees)
  •             Girls 6-12 (red tees)
  •             Girls 12-17 (red tees)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

 Fees: (includes green fees, prize fund, some swag and refreshments)

Non Member $197.50 *We offer junior passes for only $293.50

Jr Passes Allow unlimited play weekday mornings and after 2:00 daily

 If you would like to purchases a junior pass please click here


Preferred Playing Partner