Club Tournaments

Bluff Creek Club Tournaments and Registration

2019 Bluff Club Events


2 Player Saturday Golf Series (SGS)…
Only at Bluff Creek Golf Course

Join us this golf season for a fun and competitive 2 Player Golf Events to be held on a Saturday once per month. Each Event will have a different 2 Person Team format. Each event will have optional cash skin game and players pool as well a prize fund.
Play in as many as you would like!

However we have a season long point game.
Bonus Season Series Game – teams will earn points each event based on place in field. Cumulative points from each event will be used to determine Series Champion!!!

Each event will require the following
* Both players must have a valid GHIN Handicap (or will play to a zero)
* All events will be handicapped and use the USGA suggested format
* Tee Times begin at 11:00 and will fill until all teams are paired
* Men WHITE TEES, Women RED TEES, Sr (70+) GOLD TEES with handicap adjustment

Entry /Games each Event
* Entry fee: $50 per player includes green fee, cart, prizes
⅓ of field will be paid in prizes (if 20 teams – payback to 7 teams)
* Optional cash skins game $30/team
Skin payback determined by # of skins won
* Optional cash players pool $20/team
¼ of Field will be paid for players pool (if 20 teams- payback to 5 teams)

To be eligible for Season Series Overall Champions teams must be the same for each event

Event Schedule
May 11th – Scramble
June 8th – Chapman
July 13th – Quota
August 17th- Best Ball
September 21st- Fourball
October 12th- Trip Six

Entries must be received by the Wednesday before play. Tee Times will be sent via email on the Thursday Morning before play.

Results will be emailed to players Saturday Evening.

Saturday July 13th – 2 Player QUOTA GAME


Format: 18 Holes – 2 Player Quota Game

Entry Fee: $50 Per Player (Green Fees, Car Fees, Prizes)

Tee Time begin at 11:00 (tee times will be honored by time of registration)

Tees: Men – WHITE

Women- RED

Sr (70+) Men- GOLD (handicap adjust rule 3-5 reduction of 2.8)


Quota – Each Player will be given a QUOTA to obtain based off 36 minus Course Handicap.

Players will earn points using gross scores  

Bogey – 1 pt, Par 2pts, Birdie 3 pts, eagle or better 5 pts

Team score will be the combination of both players Quota gain /loss

Players must have a USGA Formulated Handicap – or will play to a 0


USGA Rules will govern play unless amended by local rule

Payout: Winners based off low NET scores. Payout to ⅓ of teams


Optional $$$CASH GAMES$$$

$30/ team GROSS Skins

$20 / team – Players Pool – payout to ¼ of entered teams


Saturday Golf Series Season Point Distribution

1st/20pts, 2nd/18pts, 3rd/16pts, 4th/14pts, 5th/12 pts, 6th-9th/10pts, 10th-14th/8 pts, 15+/5pts



Application: QUOTA  July 13th


Player 1- _______________________________________ GHIN #_______________________


Phone ________________________ email _________________________________________


Player 2- _______________________________________ GHIN #_______________________


Phone ________________________ email _________________________________________


Are either players 70+ and choose to play from Golf Tees? _____________________________


Prefered Tee Time   circle one …….. (11-11:30)   (11:30-12:00) (12:00-12:30)  (12:30-1:00)


Deadline for registration: Wednesday July 10th

Tee Times posted Thursday July 11th

Must have Min. of 12 teams to host event